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This wedding happened almost a year ago but has been on my mind to blog (as with every other wedding I’ve shot). E & C had their wedding 2 hours outside of Halifax at Pictou Lodge. For a large part of the year, it functions as a restaurant/beach resort however, these two got married in November and the place was completely transformed into the most romantic cozy winter chalet/cabin! I’ve been to a handful of winter weddings and as much as the cold doesn’t agree with me, there really is a certain romantic vibe to being indoors with a roaring fireplace, string lights and a bunch of candles.

This East Coast Pictou Lodge wedding was featured in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Weddingbells and the couple took the time to write a bit about their 3 best moments of their wedding. How they managed to pick just three out of the incredible day is beyond me but I thought I would share their words but a bit of some of my favourite aspects of the day.

Top 3 Best Moments & Why:

1) The vows were pretty incredible – we wrote them together back in the summer over a bottle of Prosecco and when we read them out loud to each other at the ceremony with our closest friends and family surrounding us, it was a really incredible moment. There were shared laughter and tears. You could definitely feel the love in the air. It was one of those times in your life where you have such a vivid memory that you know we will remember that exact moment crystal clear until we are old and grey.

2) The entrance to the ceremony – it was the first time where all the planning leading up to wedding just fell into place and the stars aligned to create the most magical entrance for each person in the wedding party timed to perfection with the music. The ceremony space was intimate with a roaring fire. When I walked in and saw that everyone I love and care about was staring back at me with my soon-to-be husband looking at me with this look of sheer happiness and love in his eyes, I knew this was the start of forever.

3) The dinner – those who know us, know we love to eat. The meal was important to us because we wanted everyone to be together – not just in the same room, but also at the same table. So, we decided to make a continuous u-shape that would allow all 100 guests to sit at one table, with immediate family down both sides and friends and extended family following. The chatter, laughter, tales being told from the past, and friends old and new all under one roof made for the most enchanting meal.

As mentioned above, the vows were heart-felt, emotional and really, that space where they had the ceremony could not have been any cozier. By the time the ceremony was to start, the sun had already set and so the room was lit by the fireplace and greenery lined chandeliers which made the space so romantic. And when we say the fireplace was roaring, it literally was audible but truly in the best way. There are so many ways to make a bigger wedding more intimate and truly, the space has the biggest effect but there are always so many ways to do so! Their reception space in the wooden chalet was also incredible. It was my first time photographing a U-shaped wedding reception table arrangement but I’m always so fond of how creative couples get with different details of their wedding!

Another favourite part of the day for me was that we certainly wasn’t expecting snow and such cold temperatures mid-November. At our first photo location, we were all surprised with the light coating of snow (all the girls were such troopers with their heels!) but it made for the best photos with the evergreen trees! This was also where they had the most epic champagne pop! I just knew I had to make a gif from the series of amazing photos. E & C were so down to get more photos despite the frigid temperatures out by the ocean but I’m so glad they did because the wind in her dress was just perfect!

And in perfect East Coast/Cape Breton fashion, these two tore up the dance floor (such a fun first dance with her father!) and had the most epic dance party. You know one of those where you think someone might fall and hurt themselves (most likely me lol)? Those are the best types of parties!


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