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Every wedding is different. Every couple is different. Every family is different. Seriously when people ask me if I ever get tired of shooting weddings every single weekend (or even at the same venues) and my answer is always no! There are a billion and one factors that can change how a wedding day goes and I seriously am so obsessed with people watching that there is never a day where I feel like.. oh, that’s boring just another wedding day! Meeting different people in different spaces keeps the job interesting. What stands out for me most is the dynamics couples have between each other and between themselves and their loved ones.

Reason why I’m talking about this is because this Dominion Telegraph Event Centre wedding at the Arlington Hotel was definitely a memorable one from the summer. The couple themselves just had such an incredible connection with each other but really with everyone in their wedding party. It felt like just a massive family amongst them and the energy was just incredible. Everyone had so much fun with it and were so involved! E & D are definitely not the type of people to take life too seriously and it was so evident on their wedding day 🙂 

E & D held their wedding at their home church and then following that, did their photos in a forest and field on their family’s property. Their reception was held in Paris, Ontario at an industrial cozy event space at the Dominion Telegraph Building at the Arlington Hotel. With windows and a balcony looking over the Grand River – it’s definitely a great space to host the biggest party of your life! With the brick wall and open space, E & D decorated with tons of florals to brighten up the space – which in my opinion is always the best way to decorate a wedding 😉 

Wedding second shot with Ballad Photography.

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