Modern Minimalistic St. Andrews-by-the-Sea Minister’s Island Wedding, New Brunswick | Toronto, Kingston, PEC, Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Have you ever owned/created something so good, and so close to your heart that you keep it from the world because you’re not sure how to best show it off? Because you’re scared of doing it injustice? This is exactly how I’ve felt about R & K’s wedding. Yes. It was over a year ago but I still feel so attached and don’t want to let it go! These are some of my favourite images I’ve ever created and yes, the location helped but mostly, the people is what makes this wedding so special to me. I connected with R&K a while before their wedding and met them at their beautiful home for their in home engagement shoot and I knew right then and there that the wedding was going to be a special one.

They held their wedding in St. Andrews by-the-sea in New Brunswick, a quaint corner of the Maritimes that seriously has the best views of the Atlantic Ocean. Neither of them are from there but decided to make it a Canadian destination wedding because why not? It’s such a perfect spot for those wanting a destination wedding not too far from home and it’s on Canadian soil! What was special was that their ceremony was held on Minister’s Island, an island that is accessible by car only at low tide so they had to plan their day and ceremony around the tide schedule which was pretty amazing! Once the tide is low, you are literally then driving on the ocean floor and then, if you miss the timing, you’re stuck on either sides!

I could go on and on about how I have so many favourite moments from the weddings but truly, it comes down to the type of people these two are. They are the sweetest, most down to earth and really the coolest people out there. They were trusting and honestly so open to their feelings and love to everyone around them. I’m often complimented on how I capture people naturally and candidly (which of course I am endlessly grateful for) but truly, it’s not me that in these moments, I feel like I’m just the observer!! It’s the people that somehow trust me to be there to capture these moments as they feel them to the core. These two trusted me from the get-go and I could just see how they were really living in the moment all day and that’s all I could ask for as a photographer who’s main goal is to capture everything as it happens so you can feel them over and over. From their emotional first look, to the special parents/grandparents moments, to the fun Jeep (Jeep is their car baby) ride away from the island, to the soft quiet moments during sunset and the incredible sparkler dance floor featuring ‘their song’. I cannot get enough and I’m getting chills just listening to the song and looking at these images over and over again.

I say this time and time again, I am possibly the world’s worst writer but I’m thankful my photos can speak for me. There’s a lot of photos and I’m likely breaking all the rules for posting so many (I’ll probably lose half of you from short attention spans lol) but this one is worth it. So here it is World, meet R&K and their incredible day. You’ll love them.. I promise.

R&K, please stay in my life forever. xx

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